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They might be answered in our FAQ.
We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


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Where is my order?


Most orders will be processed the next day, and will be packed for delivery. You will receive an automated tracking notice email when it is ready to be sent.

** Large order volumes can cause unexpected delays **


When is my in-store pickup ready?


Most in-store pickup items are ready after 24 hours and held for a week. You will receive and email from us when it is ready. Please feel free to call the

store 657-239-9247 to check the status in advance.


How can I adjust my order/address?


Customers are unable to adjust order after it has been processed; We can only do this from our end. Some modification requests are possible based on type of adjustment. Please email or call as soon as possible with your order# and what your request is,

and we will try our best to fulfill your request.

**If you want to adjust but your order is already in process to be delivered, there may be a possibility your adjustment request(s) cannot be fulfilled since it could be too late.


When am I eligible for free shipping?

Special items will be qualified for free shipping, and it will specifically state in product description and/ or title. **However, if your order contains items that do not have free shipping, shipping will apply

to those items. The item with free shipping will not have shipping charges and will not contribute to your overall shipping charges.


What is the difference in shipping methods?


USPS (United States Postal Service) Media Mail is our standard shipping method, as it is

the transport item like Phone cases, Chargers, or Accessories and related items are NOT

available for Media Mail. UPS (United Parcel Service) is a privately run delivery-company that cost a little more, but has been known to be more trustworthy/reliable. Each company has various levels of shipping speed, please choose accordingly. **Expedited shipping does not include day of purchase/weekeds (non-business days)



What is in-store pickup?

If you are locate to the Orange County area and want to avoid shipping, you can choose the option to pick up your item in-store. There is no charge for extra shipping cost. You will be sent an email notification that your order is ready, so please make sure to provide your email. There is no time limit for in-store pickup, but please reach out to us if you expect to not be able to pick it up within 1 week of receiving email notification.


How can I cancel my order?


Once you realize you want to cancel your order, Please email us IMMEDIATELY. We can only cancel it from our end. Delay of cancellation notice by you can result in your order being sent out if it has already been processed. Please provide order#

when contacting us.


Will you restock an item that is currently out of stock soon?


We continuously receive shipments from Korea and update our website as we receive more

information. Please check back on our website for updates or sign up for restock notification

email. Feel free to inquire if necessary.


Do you ship internationally?


We do ship worldwide, but shipping costs and shipping time varies greatly depending on location, item size and quantity. Most international order recipients are contacted first if any additional action is necessary.


How can I return my item for and exchange or refund?


If your order has wrong item by our fault, Please keep it unopened and let us know by email. Please send order number as well. We will work towards getting you the correct item or refund.

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